These 10 Most Dangerous Prisons will Scare the Hell Out of You

Being placed inside the prison cell alone is something you can’t imagine happening to you. This is why you try your best to be a law-abiding citizen. You don’t want to be living next to some of the most notorious criminals on earth. If a regular cell is already scary enough, imagine being placed in one of these 10 most dangerous prisons. These prisons are overcrowded. Prisoners are treated without mercy. Some are even punished inhumanely. They have already hardened through the years of being there. Usually, those who have committed some of the most atrocious crimes are the ones who are placed in those dangerous prisons. There are even those who remain there for life. Worse, others can’t even stand a day and die after being transferred there. Let us get to know more these prisons and how scary they are.